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One of the main concern that customers have is, "Is it going to be expensive?" We can assure that we are very competitive with companies that do the same quality and offer the superior service that Marina Security offers. We can not compete with anyone that compromises quality and service for price. In the photographs below you will see what sets Marina Security apart from the others.



Notice in this picture the joints on this "security door" are not fully welded. The frame is made out of only 1" X 1" tubular steel.  On contrast our security doors are made of strong 1 1/2" X 1 1/2 tubular steel, all the joints are fully welded and the pickets are set 4" apart.


The first photograph shows the way we install our gate posts, as you can see we set them on a nice concrete footing, the second and third picture show how the post is set on a weak plate with anchors. Notice the third picture and you can see the hinges were not even smooth grounded.